Disclaimer for all posts

UPDATED:   November 2017

As of November 2017, I have taken a position with a prominent network and IT hardware vendor manufacturer.   Any posts written before November 2017 were written while worked for an IT Partner company.   Even at that time, those posts were my own thoughts and opinions, they did not represent the opinions of my employer.

Moving forward my posts may take on a different tone, and there are many things I may choose not to blog about.   This blog does not now, or will it even represent the opinions or thoughts of my employers past or present.  This is my blog and my blog alone.

Previous Disclaimer:   Still valid with above updates.

First…  Thanks to @networkingnerd for providing some of the content for this disclaimer, I have used some of his content, but the disclaimer applies to me wholly, but he deserves the credit because I plagiarized.

This blog and any reproduction of its content is the creation of Justin Cohen.  It in no way represents any employers, past or present.  The content created herein reflects my opinions and conclusions, supported by fact pretty much whenever I feel like.  Sometimes it is how I feel about something – but those are my thoughts alone.

I receive briefings under NDA or Embargo from vendors.  I will respect any NDA or Embargo, but don’t expect any special treatment because you told me something under those terms.  I also may refuse to publish anything if you ask me to sign such a document.

If you pitch, brief, or discuss your product with me, I am free to write what I want positive or negative, when I want, how I want and if I want about your product and/or service.   I am also free to not talk about it under my sole discretion.   I can and have written negative blog posts about products or services, if this scares you, please find another blogger.

I am no corporate shill – I do not take money for my blog, twitter or any other post.  I do have banner ads to try and help pay for my blog space, but, I pay for this blog space online.  That being said – sometimes my costs for travel are covered to attend events.   This may include airline tickets, hotel rooms, meals and drinks   Just like any other event, vendors provide giveaways like bags, hats, USB chargers and social gatherings and other such cool giveaways.   Just assume I get those ALL THE TIME, but they do not change my independence on how I feel.  If I am given something over $100 in value – I will probably mention it, but I don’t have to.  If I’m paid money for something, I will disclose that.  I get trials of products and services so I can try them out.  Basically, I’m in IT, I get the usual free stuff but I don’t take money for my blog.

I DO NOT provide “sponsored” posts, I won’t take your money to write about your stuff – if your stuff is cool enough, or interesting enough, trust me, I will write about it.  If I am apart of your corporate blogging program, or a delegate at your event – I will decide in my sole discretion if I want to talk about the things I see, inviting me to your event is no promise of content either positive or negative.

I work for a value-added reseller (VAR).  I don’t disclose the name out of respect, just as I don’t parade around the office discussing my blog.  Who I work for isn’t as important as what I do.  Since I work for a partner of many different vendors, I am often privy to things the general public doesn’t know about.  I don’t discuss these things because I need to feed my family and keep my job.  If I say I can’t talk about something, there’s usually a very good reason.

As the blog represents a lot of opinion, I do reserve the right to change my mind from time to time.  I tend to look at both sides of an argument, so don’t be surprised to see me looking at things from all perspectives.  As such, I also value the opinions of my readers.  I approve the comments that get posted, even the negative ones.  I want all opinions to be represented here.  Know that hateful comments or extremely personal attacks will not be tolerated, and neither will useless spam.   I also reserve the right, and I do EDIT blog posts, I might change my mind, or add more content, sometimes (but I don’t have to) I will post a quick note saying I edited it in some way.  I also reserve the right to be wrong, and make mistakes in my blog, and go and fix that error.

Now that we’re on the same page, you can see where my writing comes from and can feel confident that the only influence on it is my own mind.