About Justin

Justin Cohen is Senior Information Technologist – With 18 years in the industry and a professional in the design and implementation of IT and high availability solutions. With extensive experience in Voice/Data communications and security.

Starting off in traditional telephony in the early 90’s and then working with Voice over IP and a specialization in enterprise contact centre, Justin has worked with large telecom, data and cloud providers, systems integrators and spent time as an IT Director.

When not playing with some form of IT project, Justin enjoys play with the latest Amateur Radio geek toy (VE3UDP),  volunteer work with RallySport Ontario, running a large 4000+ user community group on Facebook or wrenching on the latest motorized object that found its way into the shop.

One thought on “About Justin

  1. Justin,
    Nice info exchange on Cisco dCloud. You are correct in that it is a true cloud based service available anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Folks are using it to showoff Cisco products and solutions as well as for training on new Cisco stuff. Heck man I’m not even technical and use it.


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