Hello world?

I figured, I can simply leave this “included” post on the blog.  After all it is a bit of a “hello world” post.    While the majority of the posts you will see here will be technology based, there are a few ground rules or guidelines that I would like to see the blog live by.

– Integrity

I will blog with integrity, opinions are my own, and my mistakes as well.   While no blogger, journalist, media or writer will ever write with perfection, I will already strive to.   Sometimes I will get it wrong, and when I do – I will call it out.  This also means there are

– Opinion

This blog is about tech, but more than that it is about my opinion, with close to 20 years in technology and working with many different industries I have seen much in my time.   That means, I tend to build my own opinions.   Sometimes people agree, sometimes people do not and sometimes they are controversial, but no matter what, they are my opinions.

– No Sponsorship, purchased opinion or suggested posts without disclosure.

Anyone that knows me, will tell you that I enjoy free expression, and as a result I will not accept remuneration for any form of post without full disclosure.    What does this mean?   As a writer we are given the opportunity to have early access to things, or we are given details before others in order to write our articles.    Even within other forums I have been offered everything from trips to free dinners – but the bottom line is, I will always disclosure any kind of vendor involvement in my posts.

– Topics

You might see it all here, sure I am a “Tech” guy but you might see it all.

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