Perce Neige 2016 and 2015 CRC Wrap

It’s a wrap on the 2015 season, and while I didn’t post something, this week is the Canadian International Auto Show and our own Antoine L’Estage and Subaru Rally Team Canada have their car on display – beautiful.    Hard to think the car was beat up with a destroyed bumper only 4 days before at Perce Neige.


Here’s a great video showing their 2015 season.   Alan Ockwell is taking a year off from co-driving with Antoine so we will see how things go in 2016.


A quick highlight of the Perce Neige 2016 event held in Maniwaki Quebec.   I was again there this year with the Rally Sweep Ontario team providing recovery for the crews.  This year we had 2 teams, and 4 trucks the same as last year and covered all of the stages.  Our team worked from early in the morning until close to 11pm with only 30 minutes for lunch time.

Peter MacDonald a man who has spent his life behind the Camera  is now driving a car in the Ontario Provincial Rally Championship this year.  This is what he had to say in our exclusive interview at Perce Neige after his first stage.


It wasn’t all great, with a field full of challenges,  Jeremy Norris had a bad off, he was checked out at local hospital, but is ok.

Can-Jam Motorsports was unveiling a new car finished only a few days before the event with Beland at the wheel.  They didn’t finish, but the car given a good shakedown.   A very touching memorial to the loss of Mac and Blake two very important team members in the Can-Jam Family.


We were right there after Antoine L’Estage and Subaru Rally Team Canada went off in the finish area of Stage 2,  they arrived at Stage 3 and rushed to get the car repaired enough to continue.


In an unfortunate turn of events the Subaru team had a failure of an “External Accessory” and had to retire.   Seen here the team was adding over 2+ Litres of oil to the engine, our sources tell us they drove this short 8KM stage, and then added 2+ more before going to service.



In the end, we had an amazing time, and we were busy, recovering one car a record 5 times, but it is all in a days work and that is why we love rally!






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