Cisco dCloud rolls an iWAN + APIC-EM Lab V2

For those who are a fan of iWAN, or just want to get their hands on it, the Cisco #dCloud team has launched a new APIC-EM V2 Lab around iWAN.

dCloud is a virtual demonstration and lab cloud service available free to Cisco partners, but it can be extended to clients by request.    The best part is you get the time to go through their pre-defined lab, or just kick the tires, on your own time – this is no power point or video virtualized demo.  It’s the real deal.

The new V2 version adds a more realistic version for those looking to showcase, test or try out iWAN in a true dual DC format.     They have also added some very important elements to testing iWAN, including virtual WAN impairment and Traffic generators.iwanlabv2

To access this lab hit up – it requires partner level access but your partner can extend the lab to you for free, so contact your partner to try this out.

The lab also includes Prime and LiveAction

3 thoughts on “Cisco dCloud rolls an iWAN + APIC-EM Lab V2

  1. Could you please grant me an access for iWAN + APIC-EM Lab V2.
    I have normal cco account and it is not available for me.



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