Mega Meraki AP and Switch Launch with mGIG!

Meraki add’s 2 new AP’s today..   MR52 and MR 53.   Both have the same basic features

  • 802.11ac  is now 4×4 Antenna’s with 4 Spatial Streams – 4×4:4 over the 3 streams of the MR42
  • 160MHZ Wide Channels – 2.5gbit performance


Along with the Meraki Features that we already have in the existing access points

  • Air Marshal
  • Auto RF Planning
  • CMX Location
  • Bluetooth LE Radio

This is where the similarity ends, the difference between the various models is in the interfaces

  • MR52 is dual 1-Gigabit Interface in either LAG, or Active/Passive failover
  • MR53 is single mGIG Interface which also works as 1 Gig


MS350-24X – Multigigabit

Meraki is entering into Multigigabit with up 8 mGIG ports up to 10GBe and also supporting UPoE 60W capability to support newer access points.

Launching Today – $7495 USD


MS425 – 10G Aggregation Switch

Launching Today

MS425-16  – $14,000 USD

MS426-32 –  $22,000 USD


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