Speaking at Cisco Live!

With a mere days left until Cisco Live!   It’s been announced I will be speaking at the Think Tank about building your personal brand with Social Media.   I am honored that Cisco would ask me to speak on such an amazing topic  – I promise I will not monopolize the mic – too much.

My personal views over the last year, my journey into the Cisco Champions program, and most importantly how I have continued to maintain my independence as an online blogger and writer.    I will also have some interesting announcements.    Come to this session and find me – and get yourself a Cisco HyperFlex Gumby!


Join Kim Austin the Collaboration Snarketing expert from Cisco,  Dustin Beare – Network Engineer for Midcontinent Communications and ME – Justin Cohen @CANTECHIT from Long View systems.

What will we talk about?  Well, Social Media, how we have built, and are continuing to build our brands online

Click HERE to sign up for this session

In addition to that, Sunday Jul 10, 4:00 PM meet up with Cisco Live NetVet Jonathan Davis and me to help you find out how to get the most out of Cisco Live.   Come to the New to Cisco Live Meet Up.








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