Where is the #CLUS Wrap!?

I’ve had a few ask me…

I flew back from Las Vegas on Friday from Cisco Live 2016, after a horrible day of flying, and getting home, and a day of jet lag recovery – plus a day out at http://www.racelab.co  another thing that I have now committed my personal time to – I find myself back at my regular day job.

It is not without complete and utter amazement that I return to “real life” completely overwhelmed by Cisco Live 2016 this year.    I felt every waking moment, I was feeling the beat of the event in ways I have never experienced before.

Honestly the event could have gone an extra 3 days for me to get everything I wanted out of it – but I don’t think my body would have held up.   Each day I walked in excess of 20,000 steps (The American Heart Association recommends 10,000 as a “goal”).   This is no picnic vacation, waking at 6AM every day, to be in sessions for 8AM, and then not getting to bed until midnight (or later for some)

I was overwhelmed – more than ever with what was happening at Cisco Live – and in the coming days I am expecting to pen BLOG articles on the following topics.

  • Cisco Live – 2016 Wrap Up
  • Cisco Live – Social Pass Benefits
  • OpenGear
  • Cisco Cloud Connected ISR Security
  • APIC-EM / EasyDNS
  • Cisco Digital Network Architecture

Coming from an event where I was asked to be a speaker, I will also talk about my experiences as a speaker, and what I got out of that.

I had an amazing technical experience, learned a ton of information thanks to Tech Field Day (More on that later),  and those mentors and amazing technical people I was hanging with.   I mean at one point I was having a few drinks with two product designers listening to them wax and wane over design.   Is this where innovation happens?   I think so.

Add to that the best Pink Floyd rendition for a friends birthday in the end and you cap off an amazing week of learning from both the event and friends alike.

Like I said in my own session – content is king, and at least I have a fair bit to work with for the next while.





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