ATTENTION Rally Teams – Stop Using Tow Straps!

Tow Straps are deadly.

This is a tow strap.    It isn’t designed to stretch, or be yanked on, it is designed for static loads – “TOWING” is exactly what it is designed for – however most rally recovery teams will not even use them for towing.  These straps have no “give”.   Even the yank as the tow strap gets loose during towing and then the quick re-tightening action will cause them to break.

When these straps break, the stored energy in the strap can cause either the hook, or the tow point to fly off at a high rate of speed, if it hits another person – they could be killed or severely injured.

Ever notice how the sweep team always says “We will use our own strap” ?


If it has metal hooks on the end – it’s not a recovery strap.

How Deadly Are they?

This deadly.

Image result for tow strap injury

Watch as this passenger is almost decapitated.


Tow Straps Damage Both Cars

The tow strap has no give – when you “snap” a tow strap (that is leave it loose and then drive away letting it tighten up to break them free)  there is no give in the strap, if it doesn’t break, it will bend either the hooks on the strap, the tow point on the vehicles, or even bend the frame on the vehicles.  100% force is applied immediately and totally to the other vehicle.  It is very hard on the vehicle.

How does this work?

What should I use?

This is called a RECOVERY STRAP.  It is made with nylon webbing so it has “give” or stretch. Use a recovery strap to “snatch” or pull out a stuck vehicle. Nylon webbing absorbs the shock of heavy pulls, while the elastic rebound energy aids in quick recovery. Constructed of tough, high quality nylon web. End loops are reinforced with abrasion resistant wear pads.

When you pull with a recovery strap, you can leave the strap on the ground, and then gain momentum to create a “Spring” or “Slingshot” type action to pull the car out.    You have a better chance of getting yourself out with one of these, you can pull much harder

You can also – and show tow with a recovery strap,  this will prevent

A) hooks coming off when the line is loose

B) if the vehicles get close together, and the line re-tightens, it will very gently re-tighten and reduce the jerk on the tow points, and the people in the cars.

Image result for recovery strap

This will slow me down!

No, it won’t.    If a sweep team arrives – they might actually be willing to use your recovery strap, saving time.   If someone else arrives, all you do is put the pin through – and then pull it out.  No tools.     Plus you can pull much harder, meaning if another team or car 99 helps you, you have a better chance of actually getting out.   Plus nobody is killed.

Leave both shackles on the end of the strap, jump out, put the pin through your tow point.   When the other vehicle arrives, have it ready to insert.   You don’t need to tighten the pin – just close it 95% of the way

This will be expensive!

No – it won’t be.   Go to Princess Auto, and buy these items, and you will be good to go.  Click on each item to view.

1 x 2 Inch x 20FT 18K Recovery Strap  – $36.99

2 in. x 20 ft 18,000 lb Recovery Strap

2 of these..  1/2 Inch High Tensile Shackle  $6.99

1/2 in. High Tensile Galvanized Shackle

So the total cost – $50.97

Other options?

You can use this as well, the high quality “BubbaRope” 

Ideal for Jeeps, Light Trucks & Side-by-Sides - Renegade Recovery Rope

instead of shackles, if you want something quicker you can use a Bubba “Gator-Jaw”

Synthetic Shackle 32,000 lb Breaking Strength, Stronger than Steel!


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