Selected as NFD 15 Delegate

Last year I was pleased to be selected for Networking Field Day 12 in Silicon Valley.   This event was amazing, and I was able to learn and publish tons of great information from some big companies in Silicon Valley.   Everyone from the big guys like Intel, to smaller startups like Teridion, Kentik and Nyansa.    Even a few presentations that made my brain bleed like those from Brocade.

For me the Networking Field Day events are about collaborating with amazing people, it is about working with some of the best people in the industry.  Learning and interacting with the up and coming tech companies and keeping myself ahead of the technology curve.

For me the huge take away from that event was that SD-Networking is not coming, it is here.   Innovations in microsegmentation from the likes of Illumio.  New ways of thinking about networks and applications from companies like ThousandEyes.

What is cool about Networking Field Day is – while I have been selected as a delegate, everyone can participate, the event is as interactive (or more so) than Cisco Live, you can virtually attend as a virtual or community contributor.   Every event is live streamed, you can send in your questions on twitter, and I promise you, someone WILL ask it.

So head over HERE to check out who and what will be happening at Networking Field Day 15, April 6-7.  As of this writing we have ipInfusion and TelioIP presenting but more will be announced soon.

Live video links will be posted on the Networking Field Day page, and my page, and on twitter during the event, so grab that extra monitor and a pair of headphones and join in on the action – besides, it’s FREE!

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