Ford Finally Delivers CarPlay to 2016 Customers – almost a year late

It has finally been posted to

After almost a one year delay (It was promised Summer 2016 to customers) Ford has finally provided the Sync 2.2 update on their website and officially offered it to customers.

Keep in mind 2017 owners, with the same devices all had 2.2 from the factory in some areas in July of 2016,  and many other owners who were willing to install software from the internet, had it as early as December.  So why the 6-8 month lag for people who were promised this the day they purchased their vehicles they will never know.

Many customers have said this is their last Ford,  many people have even sold their Ford vehicles over this – yes that sounds crazy.

Justin’s opinion…

What bothers me the most, is that Ford has been touting themselves as a technology company, being the first car manufacturer to ever present at CES, to the first with major technology like Sync.     If your intention is to be the “Apple” of the car industry, it seems to me that it started out well, but they are ending up with promises with limited delivery.   Perhaps they are finding out what being a technology company is all about, it isn’t as easy as they thought.

Sync 2 running on Windows was an absolute and abysmal failure with tons of performance related problem, app issues and integration problems for third parties.   Giving up on Windows and going to QNX fixed the performance problems, but now on a more realtime embedded type operating system, Ford is struggling to keep up with feature releases like this.

Either Ford figures out how to take their place back a the top of the technological automaker spot in the industry – or someone will surpass them, and it might very well be the likes of Apple, Google or even Tesla.




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