Cisco Live! US CAE Headliner and Tip #2


Insiders have confirmed that MAROON will be the Cisco Live Customer Appreciation Event Headliner!      The CAE will be held this year at the T-Mobile Arena

16TMobile Arena Render.jpg

Opening Act will be Elle King

If you have not visited Cisco Live! before, one of the greatest thank you’s for going is the Customer Appreciation Event – with free everything and a promise of an amazing time.   Don’t forget to find your favorite #CLUS friends to party along with you.

Bring your camera (or just your mobile phone),  and make sure you tweet all the photos of the amazing event,  I will also use Periscope to share my experience again this year.

For more information on the Cisco Live CAE CLICK HERE

2015 Best Ever!

Aerosmith rocked Petco Park in 2015, I personally left with vocal chords strained so bad it took three weeks to recover.

Photo Courtesy of @BrianCSCO

Listening to “Dream On”, “Love in an Elevator”, or “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” was an absolute dream come true for me, as a long time Aerosmith fan, there was no better gift from Cisco than this amazing band.


Get Home with Ease #CLUS Pro Tip #2 – UBER for Free!

When leaving events at Live, Cisco does provide shuttle busses, but sometimes you may experience long lines and long waits while 15,000 people try and find their way back to their hotel.    Share an Uber ride with others, and get out of there quick, and in style.

You can even get a FREE Ride, find someone in your group who is not an UBER user, have them sign up quickly on their mobile device and use YOUR promo code,  they get a free ride, and so do you!

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