Ekahau set to focus on design

Unless you have been living under a WiFi faraday cage for the last many years, you have probably used Ekahau’s amazing site survey and design tools.

I am quite the fan,  as seen in the video below, interviewed at Cisco Live last year by the ESS team talking about how I love their product.  In full disclosure, they sent me a REALLY nice box of chocolates and an Ekahau shirt afterwards as a thank you.

Ekahau has announced they are divesting their RTLS design tools to Arista, and focusing only on WiFi design tools.


I see this as a great focus for Ekahau, they are the leader (IMHO) in the WiFi design space, and this will allow them to focus on their WiFi design tools.   They have added some additional features as of late, including the spectrum analysis built right into the survey.

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