Cisco Live! Tip #3 – Mentorship

Last year Cisco Live! launched a new mentorship program last year, where NetVets (Those are attendees who have attended 3 out of the last 5 events) sign up to offer mentorship to new attendees.

I am a first time attendee – do I really need this?

In a word?  Yes – you do.   If you have never attended Cisco Live! before, and you do not have a friend or colleague who has who can walk you through what your week will be like – you may come away from your first Live! event thinking “Wow, I wish I was better prepared” or “I wish someone could have shown me around”

This is exactly what the mentorship program is designed to do.   Help you find the sessions that matter, make sure you get to all the places you need to get to – and there is a good chance you might make some new friends, colleagues or find your way to the next social event.

Ok, I am sold, how do I sign up for Mentorship?

That is the easy part, go to this link

Click Here for to sign up as a first time Cisco Live! attendee

I am interested in being a Cisco Live! Mentor, how do I get involved?

NetVets will be contact by electronic mail, if you are not a NetVet but still want to be involved, you can contact @CiscoLive on twitter

What is a NetVet?

I am glad you asked…   Taken from the Cisco Live! web site, click here for more information

NetVets play a unique role in the Cisco Live community. As long-time attendees of Cisco Live and Networkers events, they have a unique perspective — one that makes them a valuable resource to their fellow attendees and for Cisco itself.

If you have attended at least three previous Networkers or Cisco Live conferences globally on a Full Conference or IT Management registration type in the last five years (making Cisco Live U.S. 2016 your fourth event since 2012), you’re eligible for NetVet status.

Along with recognition of your loyalty to Cisco, you’ll also enjoy special benefits that can enhance your Cisco Live experience. The perks include a pass to the NetVet Lounge, a free e-book from Cisco Press*, and priority session scheduling. You’ll also receive a unique conference badge that showcases your NetVet status.


See you at Live!

One thought on “Cisco Live! Tip #3 – Mentorship

  1. What happens after you sign up for mentorship?
    I am asking because I did a while ago and I am not sure what to expect…


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