Cisco Live US – Prep for Transport

So we are mere weeks away at this point, so it’s time to start thinking about what you will bring with you…  If this is your first #CLUS then first – CONGRATS!   You will be overwhelmed.    Here’s my random ramblings about how to prep.

Do Not Show Up On Monday If Possible – If you can show up Sunday with time to register – do it, the line up on Monday is crazyness!

Here are some basic tips that you need to know

A)  Assume you will leave your hotel in the morning – and you don’t return until your head is ready to hit the pillow

B) Consider the weather, and the effect it may have on you when packing

C)  Comfortable shoes – forget the fancy leather unless you are really looking to make a fashion statement, you will be on your feet – a lot – and walking – a lot.

D)  Day Bag – You will be gone all day, and you might get some swag – bring a backpack or a bag.    The event provides a bag normally – but sometimes the bags have missed the mark, so bring another one just in case – trust me you will need an extra bag for swag you bring home.

E) There are shuttles.   The event provides shuttles from hotels to the event venue on a very constant basis.

F) You could be busy – every – single – night.  There are events all over every night.

G)  Lunch is provided

H)  Get your calendar, but plan some time for the World of Solutions.  Sometimes there is just as much good stuff there, as there is in the sessions

I)  Don’t fret if you didn’t get into a session – if you didn’t get the session you really wanted, don’t worry – go anyway, just before it starts they will let in a standee line.

J) Internet Access:  Have a plan, especially if you are an international traveller, for Canadians I use ROAM Mobility.     The event has WiFi and it has been good the last few years, check your hotel and see if it is included.     Just a tip – Internet Access WiFi almost never works when in the large general sessions, you are better on LTE or 3G if you are blogging or vlogging.

K)  Get A Map – Map where your hotel is, figure out how to get to the venue, then figure out how to get around.  The good news is if you are rushing between sessions #CLUS has literally 300+ people just standing around to give directions, normally in a funny hat or shirt, use them.

L) Have fun.

Stuff to bring and things to plan

  1.  Cash – seems obvious but sometimes if you are out and about it is easier to pay in cash, especially in groups.
  2. Cards – If you have more than 1 credit card, bring both, just in case one is lost, or locked out.
  3. Reservations and Confirmations – Print these, yes old school hard copy that way in case you need to reference it
  4.  Plan your route to and from the airport ahead of time – Uber, Shuttle, either way figure this out ahead of time
  5.  Extra clothing, different clothing, interesting clothing, an extra pair of shoes, de-odourant, toothbrush, hair brush.
  6. Extra phone chargers, with longer than normal cords
  7. Power Bar – compact if possible
  8. Portable Power Block – One of those USB power charger things comes in handy.
  9. Laptop, Tablet, and Phone – I tend to find the tablet works better than the laptop, and I like the weight.   I also bring a MacBook Air instead of a full size laptop.
  10. Hat, Sunglasses.

2 thoughts on “Cisco Live US – Prep for Transport

  1. Great tips! Thank you for sharing your experience with fellow attendees.

    In the mobile app this year, we will have a mapping feature. Hopefully that will be a useful tool in navigating the sprawling conference center. The app will be available at the end of June. Stay tuned and we will let you know through social channels as soon as it is available in the app stores.

    Our ambassadors will be wearing orange caps. They will help direct you and you can ask them questions that you may have while navigating the conference.


  2. The air conditioning can be a little much, you may need a long sleeve shirt or fleece. Of course have an extra ID in case you loose your wallet so you can get on a plane, even though people in the world of solutions scan badges, extra business cards is a good idea. You can often download the slide decks ahead of time better to do that before you arrive than at CLUS. You WILL get tshirts so may want to assume you will be wearing those so pack less clothes.


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