“Legacy” phone support removed in CUCM 11.5

Wow a red letter day – the Cisco (Selsius) 12SP phone is officially dead.   It had a good run.  However along with this many that are actually more in use will also lose support in version 11.5 – this is the first release of Cisco CallManager / Communications Manager in the history of Cisco that has ever significantly removed support for telephones.


Cisco has officially announced that in 11.5,  the 12SP+, 30 VIP, 7902, 7905, 7910, 7910SW, 7912, 7920, and 7935 will not be supported.


I’ll be honest, most of those do not surprise me, but 7920 and 7935?   I have tons of clients – I might even go as far as to say many have 7935’s for sure – mostly because many are not a fan of the 8831 and the calculator style dial pad.

Release notes for 11.5 are found at Cisco HERE

Customers all over have 7912, 7905 as public area phones, they are very popular, 7920’s are still in use, and 7935’s are beloved.

I can understand the 7910, 12SP, and 30VIP phones being removed from support, but there will be customers who are unhappy about some of these others – many of these phones live in back alleys, hallways and as door phones.

The positive news is many of these are well supported on Asterisk and other geeky voice platforms, so expect ebay to light up with these models very soon.





One thought on ““Legacy” phone support removed in CUCM 11.5

  1. Time marches on unfortunatley. Version 11 still supports them. So if a customer wants to upgrade, and also wants these phones, just put them on version 11. But there are way too many reasons to just bite the bullet and start replacing phones. The 7800 and 8800 are amazing handsets, and are very cost effective. The video versions of those devices do 720p. And they support mobile remote access. All deployments (upgrades included) today should have Expressway, as well as some Telepresence end points. All the phones you mentioned are essentially obsolete.

    If you have a customer that wants to do a migration over time, build out a new cluster and create a trunk between it and the old system. I wont be surprised at all if the entire 7900 series gets killed off in version 12 or 12.5.


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