Crazy Leo Urlichich and Alex Kihurani Team up for CRC 2017

In an excited video on YouTube and a post on Facebook,  Crazy Leo Urlichich has announced that he has found a co-driver for the 2017 season.

Alex Kihurani will contest the Canadian Rally Championship with Crazy Leo this year with Can-Jam Motorsports.  The self-titled Rally Brat has experience all over the world, WRC, USA,  UK,  front wheel, four wheel and WRC-Academy programs with close to 100 rallies under the belts including multiple championships.     Alex was featured in the great documentary “Easier Said Than Done”

Driving a still un-announced secret car,  Crazy Leo has been keeping himself fresh in the off-season with Race Lab, his performance driving, advanced on-road skills and rally school program.     There is significant activity over at Can-Jam motorsports working on the program.

Leo has driven all over Canada, and contended for the Drive DMACK trophy in WRC a few years ago.   Returning to his roots in Canada with RACE LAB – and now heading back to the CRC – it is clear that Leo is taking this seriously, and with someone as skilled as Alex Kihurani – the fellow racers of Antoine L’Estage and the Subaru Rally Team USA cars better watch out for him at Perce Neige.

We will be there at Perce Neige – following the Rally in the sweep truck, and will bring you interviews with Leo and the team – EXCLUSIVE to this blog.

Some of you may remember this fantastic famous crash at Perce Neige in “The Beast” when Leo did the impossible and not only walked, but drove away from this accident only to make it to the podium.


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