Ford still not delivering CarPlay to 2016 vehicles

It is funny when you write a blog post – and it becomes strangely popular.   This is a tech blog, but I toss in some occasional rants, or rally type stuff about thing going on around me.

I’m going to help you FIX this if you own at least a Ford F-Series….

To give you an idea of what I am talking about, and why it confuses me so…  In 2017 here are the top posts on my site.  As of 4/22/2017 when I wrote this.

Ford Promises CarPlay – Fails to Deliver – 4967 unique views

Cisco Spark Board – Innovation In Collaboration – 2108 Views


I’m horrible at web sites, and at SEO, but I guess sometimes the SEO bit starts to work properly, because my Ford Promises CarPlay blog is by far the most popular thing around here.    With that in mind, everyone is finding their way here because of the issue, so let me try and help out.

First – go to your dealer and try and get the upgrade, that is the legal, non warranty voiding method, if you do not want to wait anymore – proceed with the understanding this is at your own risk.

There are 2 scenarios you are in


You own a 2016 Ford with Sync 3 Version 2 – but CarPlay does not work

The good news is, this is very easy to fix.   The issue was that when these vheicles shipped, Ford was not shipping a “CarPlay” compatible USB Hub, the Sync unit has 1 USB output which goes down to a hub in the dash that you plug into.

Once you update to the correct USB Hub – CarPlay will just work for you.  So what do you need to do?

Goto Ford, and get the correct hub, I don’t know the part number for every car, if you look online the various car forums can probably help you – OR – you can simply go and ask for a replacement USB hub for a 2017 model of your car.

For the 2016 Ford F-150 here is the model number you need.    The parts guy might give you a hard time, tell him it’s for a 2017 Ford F-150 Lariat, tell him you don’t have a VIN, and that’s the part number, if he says “IF this is the wrong part it is your fault” — just say “Yep i’m fine with it”  it shouldn’t cost you more than $100


Here is a video showing how to do it…  Thanks to that user for posting.


You own a 2016 Ford with Sync 3 – and your version is not 2.0 or higher

This is where things get a little more complicated.     First you need to do the step above for those who have 2.0 or higher, so stop now, and go order that part, when you are done, come back.

Ford seems to not want to send out the upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0 – that is the problem here – yes the issue is some kind of software issue, which we don’t know why because the rest of us who are willing to play with our vehicles, have been running CarPlay for — 4 months at this point.

Now that you have the new hub, you need to search online for the specific Sync 3 2.0 upgrade package, you put it on a USB key, and plug it in, and the upgrade procedure starts.    I am not providing links to that software, that would probably break all kinds of laws – if you are willing to take the chance, I am sure you can find it.   WARNING:  It is very easy to use the WRONG upgrade file, ensure you are using the correct file, for NAV vs NON-NAV models (no you can’t upgrade to free NAV) .

Here is a video of someone doing it on a Ford Focus RS

5 thoughts on “Ford still not delivering CarPlay to 2016 vehicles

  1. […] When Ford announced CarPlay in the 2016 F-150 – it wasn’t quite ready for prime time, but they sure spent alot of time talking about it, and marketing the idea to get customers to purchase trucks from them.   For the record – I am one of those people, so this might come off a little ranty. […]


  2. Updated the Sync 3 software to version 2.2 in my 2016 Edge Sport on May 20, 2017. Ford owner website stated that a “hardware” installation by the dealership was also required to be able to use AppleCarPlay. Called service consultant at Porter Ford in Wilmington, DE where I purchased the Edge. He referred me to the parts department. Guy in parts didn’t have a clue, but said he would check. He called me back and said that it was being handled as a service item and to talk with the service consultant. Feeling like I was getting the run around, I decided to go in person to the dealer. Service consultant I saw didn’t have a clue, and told be to try the Sync 800 phone number. I asked him if he knew the number and he said he didn’t have it handy. Just as I was about to blow, the Service Manager walk by. The service consultant said to talk to him. He also was clueless, but at least took the time to investigate the issue. After some online searching he was able to determine that a new USB hub was required to access AppleCarPlay. The hub would cost $65 plus labor. So the Ford owner website is telling you to go to your dealership for the upgrade they are totally clueless about.


    • I had a similar experience at two different dealers. One the told me that sinc I had done the software update myself (which the Ford website encourages owners to do) my warranty on the radio was now void. Are you kidding me?


      • Ken, that is indeed crazy. Ford is doing a poor job of keeping their dealers informed. It’s bad when the customer knows more than the dealer.


  3. I had to provide a copy of the Ford internal document distributed to all dealerships describing specifically what to do. No one at either dealership had knowledge of this document and were clueless about what to do next.


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