CiscoLive! Techtorials – Worth it? #CLUS 2017

Are Techtorial Sessions Worth It ?

In a word?   YES.

Now to explain why….

This year I flew out Saturday, and was here on Sunday, in order to attend a techtorial.     I chose Immersive Journey Into IPV6.  Yes, it’s true, I am not a superpower when it comes to IPV6, I know enough to do what I need, and what my clients need, but I am lacking.

Where am I lacking?  Think about IPV4, ARP, DHCP, DNS, all those protocols and how they talk to each other, how they work at the bit level.   I know that stuff pretty cold, but IPV6 the light bulb never went on, for me I just didn’t feel comfortable, I didn’t feel like I knew it cold.

Well, that changed today, after an entire day in the room with amazing speakers, Denise Fishburne, Scott Hogg, Ed Horley, Tim Martin and Jim Bailey.   Feel free to check out their credentials, but Scott literally wrote the book on IPV6 Security as one example.     Denise “Fish” Fishburne is without question the premiere troubleshooter (See my previous blogs).

Our session went down like this..

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 3.21.43 PM.png

This was a SERIOUS content download, we went into a ton of detail in each section.  Fish talked about how she learned IPV6 from the packet and backwards into the RFC,  Scott talked about IPV6 hacking and vulnerabilities and how to protect yourself from common attacks.   The design section went into IPv6 address design and even had a enterprise design practical example.  Ed went into AMAZING detail about host operating IPV6 support, what works, what doesn’t and tips for deployment.   This section I really appreciated, there are so many nuances.

Why is the money worth it?

Quite simple – bang for your buck.   Sure, one techtorial is about 30%  more on top of the cost of your entire full conference pass, but in previous years I noticed I was taking out so much time for World of Solutions, DevNET and other sessions, I couldn’t FOCUS on topics I wanted a deep dive on.   I also missed sessions I wanted.  With the Sunday session techtorial, I could get in the room, listen from multiple amazing speakers on a great topic and there is nothing else I am missing.  I could FOCUS.

The benefit of going all day on this topic is, each section threads into each section and you get continuity in learning.   Don’t forget, this is a Sunday, that means there is also less of a chance that your regular job duties will interrupt you.

If you want to get the most out of your CiscoLive! trip, you want to be able to see as much as possible. Focus on the Sunday on the topic you wanted that deep dive on, it allows you to learn better. This will free up time later in the event to hit the World of Solutions, try new things in DevNet, and hit up even more of the smaller sessions.

Keep in mind, you can pay for techtorial sessions with Cisco Learning Credits (CLC) so make sure when you purchase Cisco Hardware and Software to make sure your partner and Cisco rep are working to get you those CLC’s.

disclaimer:  I won this techtorial last year in a social media contest, and redeemed that free credit this year.  I did not pay out of pocket to attend this session.

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