Cisco Live! Returns to Hot Breakfast!

Last year I wrote this blog about the breakfast offerings at Cisco Live!, outlining the importance of a good breakfast on learning comprehension.   I made sure that this information received wide distribution, and many of you helped with your retweets to the team @CiscoLive, and as a result it did become something considered this year.

I have been advised by the Cisco Live team that hot breakfast sandwiches have been added to the menu for Monday through Thursday!    This is amazing news.    I have to thank in particular Kathleen Mudge @KathleenMudge  for helping spread the word at Cisco Live offices.

“Food is like a pharmaceutical compound that affects the brain,” – ULCA Professor of Neurosurgery and Physiological Science Fernando Gómez-Pinilla.

Short term memory and auditory attention are higher when a breakfast offered with protein as opposed to refined carbohydrates is offered, no more sugar crash, and power through your day.

For me personally, this is important, as I have recently embarked on a low-carb Ketogenic lifestyle.  More options give us better ability to learn and interact.

This is a great win for all delegates, and for the social media community as a whole.



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