Getting Squiddy With it with Meraki MX

Everyone here who has used web caches, or Squid proxy knows that sometimes — it just doesn’t go as planned.

Meraki MX devices have an option for this…   Security Appliance,  Traffic Shaping


Enabling this turns on the Squid Proxy.  So if you have sites with issues — you would turn this off too during troubleshooting — as I did.

Well here is the problem —- there are three ways to enable Squid that you don’t know about

1) Enabling HTTP Content Caching in the Traffic shaping


2) Enabling “Full List” for the URL Category Size in Content filtering

3) Enabling Web Search Filtering

4) Enabling Youtube for Schools


Unless these options are set as above — SQUID PROXY IS ON.   I have caught Squid malforming HTTP requests in the past, and had it happen recently with a proxied session that didn’t like being proxied (yes say that 5 times fast)  bottom line, until I set as above – Squid was on and there is no real way to know.

So when in doubt – lose the calamari and test your surfing.

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