Cisco Live 2016 – Tip #1 – Plan Early

All the best sessions at Cisco Live – book up early, now in the past I have had good luck with standby lines – but some of the best are always sold out, and you never want to be sitting at the back of the room.

The session catalogue is now live!    CLICK HERE – to start planning which sessions you wish to attend, and then on May 3rd when the scheduler opens up you can be ready to book the sessions you want.

Get a jump on the competition!      Check out the schedule now

Cisco Live CAE Guest Announcement –  I will have it for you the moment it becomes available, last year the Aerosmith event was without question the most amazing concert event of my entire lifetime, I literally had no voice for 3 weeks.   I am combing my sources at Cisco to find out who it is but it is very tight lipped.

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